Research activities

My research activities are within the framework of solving partial differential equations issued from industrial applications of mechanical engineering. The aim is to produce theoretical and numerical results in order to develop software. My expertise involves numerical simulation of nonlinear behavior of solids and composite structures, optimization and sensitivity analysis and inverse problems. Two main axes could be considered:

  • The development of numerical methods and models for direct problems of nonlinear structural mechanics and optimization: finites elements, homogenization, tensile fabric structures, hyper-viscoelastic behavior and Mullins damage in elastomers, spatio-temporal Multiscale modeling, Arlequin etc.
  • The development of methods/methodologies for solving inverse problems for the identification of parameters and/or boundary conditions (Cauchy problem): virtual fields method, constitutive relation error, regularization, topological gradient etc. Different kinds of applications are focused: identification of material parameters, cracks, contact areas and damage, inclusions, source/sink in porous media.

List of publications

Teaching activities

I teach graduate courses in applied mechanics at the Department of Mechanics of Polytech Lyon and the Master of Mechanics and Energetics Department of the FST. My current graduate courses are:

  • Nonlinear Structural Mechanics
  • Composite Structures
  • Optimization of Structures and Inverse Problems

Administrative duties

  • Head of the Department of Mechanics at Polytech Lyon
  • Member of the Governing Council of Polytech Lyon
  • Corresponding member of the Master of Mechanical Engineering MEGA at the University of Lyon 1

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