PhD Thesis

Experimentation and modeling of the mechanical behavior of WOODCONCRETE multi-material structures 


In order to build, several choices of materials are possible. Nowadays, the concrete is the material the most used in civil engineering; however ecological context induces researchers to reduce carbon emission and ecological footprint in construction field. To success, the use of others materials with very interesting properties is more and more frequent, like natural product (wood, hemp…). Timber has mechanical properties interesting and is a renewable material with a good impact in the environment. Thus utilization of wood in structure is a pertinent choice to mix it with concrete.

The purpose of this project is to take the advantages of both materials (timber and concrete) to realize constructions more ecological and respectful of the environment. But the rules of construction and the security of building have to be considered as well. The connexion between the concrete and the timber is with several adhesives.

Firstly, a study of the gluing will be realized to determine the influential characteristics of bonding and witch adhesive is the best.

Secondly, flexure test will be executed to verify the behavior of the composite structure.

Finally, in order to predict long term behavior, experimental results will be confronted with analytical modeling.


  • Emmanuel FERRIER
  • Laurent MICHEL

Beginning and end of the PhD thesis

10/2015 – 09/2018

Teaching activities