PhD Thesis

Inverse methods and identification of mechanical fields and parameters from surface imaging of composite structures.


Recent developments and advances in surface imaging techniques, such as stereoscopic imaging for the space-time reconstruction of a three dimensional object, have made them lighter, easy-to-use and less costly tools. Image processing and correlation techniques have also benefitted from scientific and technological advances and we are witnessing a boom in the number of dedicated numerical tools. The efficient exploitation of the data obtained from these non-intrusive measurement tools has therefore become a major challenge for identifying material parameters, controlling and monitoring structures in situ, identifying defects and improving the analysis of the complex experiments that have been developed over the last twenty years.

The central issue dealt with in this research project is that of utilizing these surface measurements in order to build the 3D field inside the structure without restrictive assumptions, and then to identify defects at interfaces. The applications concern structures reinforced by composite such as TRC “Textile Reinforced Concrete”.

The approach proposed and developed in the context of linear and nonlinear mechanics, formulate this problem as a Cauchy problem or a data completion problem. Then it is solved as minimization problem. This approach has the advantage of being non-intrusive and can be easily coupled with finite element software.


  • Thouraya BARANGER
  • Sylvain BEL

Beginning and end of the PhD thesis

02/10/2020 – 02/10/2024