My research activities

My research is done in this context of “MATERIALS” and composite “STRUCTURES”. Two levels of consideration can be given :

  • The first is a research for the development of experimental methods for identifying the mechanical laws of behavior of composite interfaces / concrete analyzed at different scales. More particularly, it is to define experimental characterization methodologies or multi-material interfaces between materials requiring specific sensoring device.
  • The second part, which can be considered as a research in connection with construction applications for the development of computational methods to study the behavior of structures promoting the use of composites. This comprehensive approach is based on iterative calculation methods coupled with full scale experiments.

List of publications

My teaching activities

My teaching activities concern the mechanic of structures, timber and reinforced concrete.

Administrative duties

  • Head of Civil Engineering Department of IUT Lyon 1 (2010-2016)
  • Head of the Masters course IMS2D Engineering Sustainable Building, University Lyon 1
  • Head of LMC2

Mail : Emmanuel.ferrier@univ-lyon1.fr