My research activities

My research activities are developed in the field of engineering science and focus on the performance engineering of composites, taking into account the requirements of sustainable development for civil engineering. The originality of the research method is the study of the interaction between material and structure at different levels, including the manufacturing process. It is an interactive research between an ‘’innovative engineering’’ related to the development of new robust composite materials allowing the construction of reliable and adaptative infrastructures and ‘’reverse engineering’’, focusing on the development of structures fulfilling improved safety and healthy conditions under evolutive environnemental and user conditions.

 Two main axes are developed :

  • ‘’Material’’ : set-up of mixed numerical/experimental methods for the evaluation of mechanical behaviour of composites materials and composite assemblies
  • ‘’Structure’’, analysis and characterization of new high performance composites structure, particularly textile reinforced mineral matrix composites

List of Publications

Main research projects


  •  Contex-T  (2007-2011) : European Project, 6th PCRD. « Use of novel textile based components for buildings structures and tensile architectures ». A project to upgrade the use of technical textiles in tensile architecture. The consortium brought together more than 40 partners from 10 EU countries. In WorkPackage 2 we coordinate the work of 9 industrial and 4 academic partners.


  •  FUI Sagane (2009-2012) (Natural Gas Supply System for Autovehicles) the consortium brought together main frnch industrial and academic. The aim of the project was the development of vehicle tanks using high performance braided composites. We contributed to the development and the control of an industrial braiding process.

My teaching activities

My theaching activities concerns mainly undergraduate courses in the IUT (DUT, Bac+3). It is focusing on general knowledge, technological end professional course units ; strength of materials, mechanics, sructural dynamics, metrology, heat transfer, computer science, numerical methods,…

Collective responsibilities

  • 2013-2017, Joint Manager of the Technological Institut of Lyon 1 (IUT-Lyon 1), in charge of the site Bourg en Bresse
  • 2010-2013, Educational manager of the professional bachelor « Energy Expertise», IUT-Lyon 1.

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