My research activities

My research concerns the nonlinear mechanics of damage materials. The main research activities focus on the following points:

  • Development of constitutive laws taking into account the mechanism of damage by microcracking and its coupling with friction in quasi-brittle materials (concrete and rock-like materials)
  • Numerical implementation of the models, Finite Element structural calculations in order to predict and quantify the mechanisms of degradation specific to the quasi-brittle materials
  • Nonlocal damage modeling
  • Impact of damage on the poromechanical couplings in geomaterials

List of publications

My teaching activities

  • Mechanics of structures (M1 level : lecture and tutorial)
  • Stability of civil engineering structures (L3 level : lecture, tutorial and practical work and M1 level : tutorial and practical work)
  • Finite Element calculation (M2 level : tutorial)

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