My research activities

My coaching activities and co-supervision of researchers fall on issues of development of innovative composite materials and performance-engineered composite structures complying with specifications multi-criteria expenses (performance, security, sustainability and sustainable development).

The main objective is to develop research to reinforce, repair and protect structures.

To achieve these objectives and better interpret the behavior rigidity and failure mechanisms of reinforced structures, I was led to the further development of research activities on materials for composite reinforcement and applied to the concrete substrate. The second way of working is to provide comprehensive system constructive or independent elements for a rational optimization of construction materials methods. This approach consists of making multi-material structures where only the “useful” performance is used.

List of publications

My teaching activities

I teach mainly in the field of Structures (Steel Construction, Reinforced Concrete, Wood, Actions on structures or modeling structure). I assure particular responsibility “Steel Construction” and “Modeling structure” modules. My teaching is done at the Civil Engineering Department of the IUT of Lyon and in the Master of Sustainable Construction Engineering from the University Lyon 1.

Collective responsibilities

  •  Director of Studies responsible timetables for the Civil Engineering department.
  • Elected member of the committee of experts in mechanical 60th section of the University Lyon 1.
  • Elected member of the Scientific and Technical Council of the IUT Lyon 1.
  • Technical and administrative secretary of the working group AFGC on the theme “seismic reinforcement of RC structures reinforced by composite materials”

Mail : Laurent.michel@univ-lyon1.fr