My research activities

  • Thermomechanical and fire behavior of structures in Civil Engineering
  • Elevated temperature and fire behavior of composite materials for the reparation and / or the strengthening of civil engineering works (tunnels, underground structures, buildings …)
  • Mechanical behavior of different concretes (ordinary concrete, high performance concrete, cellular concrete) under high triaxial loading.

List of publications

My teaching activities

DUT Civil Engineering (IUT Lyon 1, University Lyon 1)

  • Civil engineering material (concretes, mortars, road materials)
  • Granular materials (soils, aggregates)
  • Steel structures
  • Knowledge of the material and its origin (Mtx1)
  • Mecanic of soils
  • Geotechnic 02- calculation of structures
  • Basis of geotechnics
  • Graduation project related to the geotechnic

Master 2 Civil Engineering (CFR Mecanic, University Lyon 1):

  • Fire design of structures in civil engineering
  • Bibliographic research for a research subject
  • Graduation project related to research and development

Annual hourly volume: between 220 and 250 equivalent hours of tutorial teaching per year.

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