ZOMBRE Wendlamita Serge Christian

PhD Thesis

Durability of composite materials in a specific environment of Civil Engineering: Multiscale and reliability approach


In the European process, the responsibilities of infrastructure managers result in the need to ensure the sustainability of structures and security throughout their service life. It is imperative to know how to evaluate the health status of existing buildings, and rehabilitate / re-qualify deficient structures. In this context, special techniques of reparation using innovative composite materials seems to be a good choice which will guarantee the security, reliability, sustainability of processes to meet the requirements of users.

This guarantee of the sustainability necessarily requires a better knowledge of the durability and reliability of reclassified buildings. These two aspects will be studied at different scales throughout the thesis according to the project MICRO “Innovative Materials for Composites Structures Repair: Approach reliability-sizing for their requalification and prediction of their sustainability.”

Our study will develop a complete reliability-approach which takes into account indicators and variables determined by statistical analysis as part of a rigorous experimental design. This will be built on the optimum number of accelerated aging tests representative of operating conditions. The multi-scale analysis will scientifically justify the choice of sustainability indicators and identify the different mechanisms of degradation of the bonded structure (in the polymer matrix, fiber / matrix interfaces and the interface composite / concrete).

The overall objective of MICRO research project will ultimately provide building managers all scientific and technical elements of aid in the design and dimensioning of composite repairs, respecting the approach of the Eurocodes and semi-probabilistic seeking to meet environmental and performance requirements for security, reliability, durability and quality imposed in the new European approach.


  • Laurence CURTIL
  • Marie MICHEL

Beginning and end of the PhD thesis

01/10/2015 – 01/10/2018

Teaching activities