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Rehabilitate structures following a sustainable development approach by improving composite materials, so that they are more efficient and/or more ecological and can adapt to the ever-increasing climate changes and the severe conditions in which they are located. Fundamental knowledge of these materials and their environment leads to the development of prediction models capable of quantifying the durability of existing structures and thus increasing their life span:

  • Experimental characterization – natural and accelerated diffusion tests under electrical field, leaching, porosity in cementitious materials (cement pastes, common and highly enriched concretes, UHPC concretes, fibrous concretes). Concentration measurements by titration and ionic chromatography.
  • Numerical modeling of transfer phenomena in porous materials – natural and accelerated ionic diffusion under electric field, capillarity and water transport, corrosion of steel reinforcements and phenomenological consideration of chemical reactions. Softwares used: PhreeqC, TransChlor® (co-author), GEMS

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Teaching in the Thermal and Electrical Engineering department of the IUT of Bourg en Bresse: Measurements and Instrumentation, VBA Programming, Thermodynamics, Electrical Energy

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