My research activities

The main objective of my research is to develop innovative products and processes to provide answers to new energy regulations, environmental constraints and preservation of the built heritage. My work is based on a strong experimental activity concerning the formulation of composites made of cement matrix (TRC, Fiber-reinforced Concrete). The scientific approach is to develop materials in response to several objectives: response to specifications with requirements (lightness, fire resistance, durability …) correlation between microstructure and macroscopic properties, generation of experimental models for transferring laboratory-industry.

List of publications

My teaching activities

I realize my teaching activities within the Civil Engineering Department of the IUT Lyon1 in the areas of structures (Steel Construction, Reinforced Concrete) and construction materials (geology, binders, concrete and bituminous).

Collective responsibilities

Responsible for “further study” in Civil Engineering department of the IUT Lyon1.

Mail : Marie.michel@univ-lyon1.fr